Passover – Festival of our Redemption

April 10, 2017

At sundown this evening, the children of Israel around the world will gather for the traditional Passover Seder – a family meal but so much more than a family meal.


We will read the Exodus story, put ourselves in the shoes of the Pharaoh’s slaves and walk out of that slavery by the miraculous Hand of the God of Israel into freedom and redemption.

Slavery is not just physical or geographical.  Slavery in its many forms can imprison men, women and children in every nation and every generation.

May this Passover be a time of complete deliverance from any form of ‘slavery’, oppression or depression in any of our lives.  May it be a week of great blessing – even unexpected, surprising blessings.


Chag Pesach Sameach! May you have a healthy, peaceful and totally blessed Passover week.


NOTE: Because of the Passover holiday, our next lesson in the life of David will be posted next Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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