The Longest Chapter – Part 16 April 26, 2016

Psalm 119: 121-128

Don’t leave me to the mercy of my enemies for I have done what is just and right.

Please guarantee a blessing for me.  Don’t let the arrogant oppress me!

My eyes strain to see your rescue, to see the truth of Your promise fulfilled.

I am Your servant; deal with me in unfailing love and teach me Your decrees.

Give discernment to me, Your servant; then I will understand Your laws.

Lord, it is time for You to act, for these evil people have violated Your instructions.

Truly I love Your commands, more than gold, even the finest gold.

Each of Your commandments is right. That is why I hate every false way.

We can only imagine how the psalmist, David, felt when pursued by Saul who wanted to kill him out of jealousy.  David had proved his loyalty and respect for King Saul despite the sovereign’s threat. (see I Samuel 18: 1-15)  Yet the king’s hostile attitude was not appeased.

And so we read David’s cry to the Lord in this section.  He had in fact ‘done what was right’ in honoring the king, even sparing his life when he had opportunity to kill him.  And so David petitions, “Please guarantee a blessing for me.”

Have you ever been in a situation when you did right by someone else and yet, it seems as though you never do enough to make them happy?  It is demoralizing and discouraging. In those times, King David stands as our example.  Doing right, even when others do not, gives evidence of a heart intent on pleasing God, rather than self.  Revenge is weakness; forgiveness and loyalty are the marks of a strong spirit.  No wonder God called David ‘a man after my own heart.’

And rather than patting himself on the back for doing right towards Saul, David declares that he is the Lord’s servant and asks for deeper understanding of God’s ways.  He is not self-satisfied but continually hungry to grow in the ways of God – yet another mark of the truly spiritual and committed heart.  David knew that we never ‘arrive’ fully in this life.  To our dying day, there is always more to learn about God, about His love, His faithfulness, His compassion, His kindness, His commandments, His ways.  Each day is a new opportunity to grow closer to Him, to get to know Him better by spending time meditating in the scriptures.

David asks for discernment:’the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure’.  This is why we are encouraged to turn to the Lord in prayer before we begin studying portions of scripture as we are doing right now, to ask Him for understanding; that He would grant us fresh insight into the passages, even if we have read them many times before.  There is always something new to see.

For David, the Word of God was ‘more precious than gold’; his way of saying it was his most treasured and priceless possession.  Is it yours?  If you suddenly had to flee with only what you could carry, would your Bible be the first thing you’d grab to take with you?

To love God’s Word is to love Him for it is through His Word that we come to know Him.

May it be for all of us, like David, our most treasured possession.


Please pass this study along to anyone you think might enjoy it.

And do leave a comment, a question or an observation below.

Til next Tuesday, walk with God in joyful love.


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