The Place of ‘High Safety’

Simone Weil wrote, “Nothing among human beings has such power to keep our gaze fixed ever more intensely upon God than friendship.”

As we go through life, we make many acquaintances but few ‘best’ friends, souls who have been described as ‘the one who comes in when everyone else walks out.’  Blessed is the person who has such a friend.

When life feels like a desert. a close friend is the oasis.  When we suffer from the heat of anxiety or illness, a close friend is the tall, cool glass of refreshing water.

The German root of the word, ‘friendship’ means “a place of high safety.”  Don’t you just love that?

Close friends are honest and loving; loyal and caring.  They show us what our God is really like.  I don’t know who said this but I remember reading it: “My friends are the beings through whom God loves me.”

If you have such friends, thank God.  I surely do.

The bigger question is ‘Are you such a friend?’ If not, today is the day to begin.

I submit that is at once a simple, but also a great ambition to learn how to be an excellent friend.

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